Executive and Life Coaching

It’s reasonable to want life – at work and elsewhere – to feel rich and rewarding. 

But sometimes things can get a bit stale or stuck. You may feel you could be more effective in your current work role, or that you’re ready to progress to a new one. Perhaps you want to develop better relationships with others. Or maybe you want to handle the pressures of life at work or at home with more ease.

We can help you explore what might need to change and how – to ensure your work and life feels truly fulfilling.


In response to the covid 19 situation, to help support people in a time of huge challenge, we’re offering all our one-to-one coaching programmes in virtual formats, at affordable rates on a sliding fee scale.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We’ll support you to discover and fine-tune your true values and capacities; and to break through whatever’s stopping you from acting fully on them. Our distinctive coaching approach – incorporating mindfulness techniques to build greater awareness – ensures the full spectrum of your experience is included: your head and heart; and your mind and body. Where appropriate, the coaching can be structured around the book The ABC Guide to Mindfulness.

Our coaching process

Step 1. Exploring and scoping: a complimentary ‘chemistry and discovery’ session (often online). If we agree we’re a good coaching fit, we’ll agree number, duration and timescales for the coaching assignment (typically at least six sessions over 6 months or more). With executive coaching, we can also have a three-way scoping meeting with the coachee(s) and coaching sponsor to agree aims, feedback and reporting processes, and other existing ‘data’ to be used in the coaching - e.g. performance appraisals, psychometric assessments etc. We can also conduct 360° feedback interviews before the coaching begins.

Step 2 – Coaching for insight and change: Throughout the whole coaching process, we’ll focus totally on enabling you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. We’ll listen carefully, reflect back what we hear, and ask questions to go deeper. We’ll encourage and challenge you to overcome obstacles and take action.

Step 3 – Review: Throughout the coaching process, we’ll check in with you to see if the coaching sessions are working for you, and what changes to the process you might want to make. At the end of the coaching assignment, we will capture the key insights, progress achieved and next steps to implement further desired change. With Executive Coaching we will agree together exactly what is communicated with whom.

Executive Coaching – typical themes

When coaching happens in a workplace context – particularly in leadership and management roles – common themes and topics include:

  • Developing as a leader and finding one’s unique leadership strengths and style

  • Becoming more effective in one’s current role

  • Effective communication and teamwork

  • Preparing for a new role – especially when moving into senior management and leadership

  • Self-management and work-life balance – in the context of common workplace challenges

  • Workload management – time management, prioritising etc.


"Tim's gift is to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. I had to work hard, and Tim did not let me off the hook which was exactly the role I asked him to play during our time together. Fabulous coach."
"I was profoundly impressed by Tim‘s approach. He's highly perceptive, asking powerful question that open great insights. Honesty and integrity is the currency he trades with."
Giovanna Pisano, Change Manager at the Environment Agency
"Tim’s relaxed manner made me feel comfortable even talking about upsetting personal issues. He often had a different approach or insight to struggles I was having which helped me to work out strategies to improve things.
Hilary Barkley