Workplace Resilience

E-learning workplace resilience programme 

The Rising Minds E-learning Resilience Programme consists of six modules of 45 mins, to be completed at any time online, providing an immersive learning experience with a mix of video, quizzes, exercises and interactive elements. The learning is mainly experiential, through mindfulness meditations and exercises, supported by a simple theoretical framework. Participants are encouraged to do 10-15 minutes of daily mindfulness practice in between sessions, and short written reflections to embed and personalise the learning.

For individuals: you can buy this in-depth course for £95, representing exceptionally good value for an in-depth, rich and transformative learning experience. It's hosted on our learning platform here, and payment is via Paypal.


For organisations:  for businesses and organisations seeking to support the resilience and wellbeing of large numbers of employees, this programme offers a highly cost-effective and flexible training programme. To find out more more, please contact us

Organisations are facing tough times – with growing pressure to do more for less.

This takes its toll on employees: the Labour Force Survey reports that 15.4 million work days a year are lost through stress, anxiety and depression. The current Covid-19 situation is adding extra layers of difficulty. In the face of these challenges people need a better way of thinking and working.  Our mindfulness-based resilience training programme can provide exactly this

Unlike most mindfulness training programmes, ours takes a highly pragmatic, realistic and no-nonsense approach. It’s specially designed for the workplace to help you handle stress; adapt quickly to rapid change; manage workloads and energy; maintain focus and concentration; make good decisions under pressure; and prioritise competing demands. The training is suitable for employees at all levels. We provide the programme through a range of formats:

  • E-learning programme: see below

  • In-house live programmes (on site/virtual): number and frequency of sessions tailored to your needs

  • One-to-one coaching: tailored support either instead of the group training, or as a supplement to it.

Mindfulness: what, why and how

When you train in mindfulness, you learn to become more aware of what’s actually going on in and around you. By developing this ‘mental muscle’ – through regular practice of simple awareness techniques – you build new neural pathways to parts of the brain associated with calm, wellbeing and emotional positivity. It also counteracts unhelpful ‘autopilot’ thinking – when attention gets stuck in difficult thoughts and emotions – opening up access to higher brain functions for clear thinking.

This short film explains what mindfulness is and gives a flavour of our sometimes (attempted) comic take on the matter! Watch the full 10 minute version here.

Mindfulness has been shown in clinical studies to lead to significant improvements in:

  • Performance: focus, concentration and productivity

  • Cognitive functioning: learning, memory, creative problem solving

  • Wellbeing: calm & emotional positivity

  • Relationship and communication: empathy and emotional intelligence

We have developed a highly effective and simplified ABC mindfulness model for our training:

Awareness: of your mind/body experience, grounding yourself, and creating space for reflection

Being with your experience: allowing your brain and body to process your thoughts and emotions

Choosing wise responses: accessing your wise mind to make good decisions


In response to the Covid 19 situation, to help support organisations and their people in a time of huge challenge, we’re offering group discounts on our e-learning workplace resilience programme (see above). For live virtual versions, we can also bespoke affordable programmes on a sliding fee scale. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


"Rising Minds clearly have real mastery of resilience training techniques. The training went down very well – there was always a positive buzz among the participants after each session."
Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar Harca Housing Association
"We would have no hesitation in recommending mindfulness training as a tool for enabling staff to thrive in their work, and Rising Minds as the ideal organisation to provide that service."
Ruth Mitchell, Marketing & PR, Moorfield Group