Leadership Development

Leaders and senior managers build successful careers through determination, vision and talent. But with growing workloads and complex pressures, it’s easy to get caught up in fire-fighting and plate-spinning – leading to stress and demotivation

Our ‘Wisdom at Work’ programme reconnects people with their natural energy, creativity and inspiration – to meet tough leadership challenges with greater ease.

The programme is designed to help leaders at all levels of experience to lead with a greater sense of ease and flow, but is particularly suitable for those newer to leadership. It’s available in either one-to-one or group formats, and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. The core programme can be supplemented with consultancy around organisational processes and structures, policies and ways of working. It includes three main components:

1. Mental resilience

We can help you develop a steady mind in the face of stressful demands – for better focus, clearer thinking, and natural productivity. This well tried and test mindfulness-based approach to mental resilience follows a simple ABC model:

Awareness - of your mental and physical experience

Being with experience – creating space to deal with challenging problems and emotions

Choosing wise responses, by responding wisely instead of reacting automatically

2. Authentic leadership

We help make leadership feel more natural by supporting you to identify your unique skillset, and true sources of inspiration and enjoyment at work – and then to confidently lead others from this reliable foundation:

1: Unblocking – hang loose to prescribed leadership models, and let go of self-doubt

2: Diving deeper – find your unique leadership style; identify core values and strengths

3: Making it work – apply your distinct leadership capacities to your role

3. Strong relationships

Effective leadership relies on healthy relationships. Yet these can easily become strained when we’re under pressure. We can help you nurture strong relationships, and develop a ‘co-active’ leadership and communication model that makes it easier to lead others and support their development.


"The ‘Wisdom at Work’ programme was extremely well received by our senior management team at Servier Bulgaria. It was highly successful in delivering our senior management team’s training objectives – to learn practical ways to deal with stress and distraction, to improve focus and performance, to find a better work/life balance, and to enhance our ability to communicate and build strong relationships with colleagues."
Antoaneta Nestorova, HR Manager, Servier Bulgaria