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Open Book is a project based at Goldsmiths College designed to open up higher education learning to people from a wide range of non-traditional backgrounds.

We provide coaching and resilience training to support individuals on their personal educational journey, with funding from the Lankelly Chase Foundation (LCF).

Many Open Book students contend with complex practical and psychological issues. They are more likely to be juggling childcare responsibilities, living in poor housing and struggling with finances.  Many have had extremely challenging life experiences – often with a history of offending, addiction and mental health struggle. They usually have never truly considered further and higher education as a realistic route to enhancing their future career choices and personal development.

We provide Open Book students both one-to-one and group support, specifically tailored to their needs. One-to-one coaching creates a space for students to work on whole-life issues and develop their own strategies for handling challenges.  Group work focuses more on the process of learning and development, building confidence and providing a community of mutual support and a sense of belonging. 


Coaching support is available at all stages – from students tentatively considering higher education through taster classes to students nearing the end of their studies and looking to the future. We also offer one-to-one coaching to the staff team whose jobs can be extremely challenging and stressful, helping them to stay focused and resilient.


"Thanks to the life coaching, I am more willing and less fearful of trying new things. I have increased self-confidence. I have learnt that I have a voice and the same right as everyone else to use it."

"I found my coaching sessions very good. I have become more focused and confident…I am not able to take control of situations rather than them taking control of me."

"I am happier and more confident in my own abilities. I have learnt to acknowledge what is going on inside and to trust my gut instincts. I feel more positive and am less judgmental of myself and others. I can achieve my goals if I have faith and remain true to myself."

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