Quakers in Britain:


Resilience and Wellbeing Guide

Our current conditions are throwing up many challenges in how to stay productive, connected and emotionally positive. This web page – accompanying our series of webinars for Quakers in Britain –  provides specially designed resources to help you best take care of your wellbeing and resilience, and to adapt to fast-changing working conditions.


1. Grounding – setting up your best conditions for effective working from home

2. Refining – getting the most from your brain and your working day

3. Deepening – cultivating healthy relationships and nourishing activities

You can also stream or download below the guided meditations referred to in the course guide.

You can keep coming back to these resources to help you refresh your learning over the coming weeks and months.

You can download here our PDF course guide which covers in more detail the content introduced in the webinars. There are three main parts to the guide:


"Tim's gift is to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. I had to work hard, and Tim did not let me off the hook which was exactly the role I asked him to play during our time together. Fabulous coach."
"I was profoundly impressed by Tim‘s approach. He's highly perceptive, asking powerful question that open great insights. Honesty and integrity is the currency he trades with."
Giovanna Pisano, Change Manager at the Environment Agency
"Tim’s relaxed manner made me feel comfortable even talking about upsetting personal issues. He often had a different approach or insight to struggles I was having which helped me to work out strategies to improve things.
Hilary Barkley