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Teams are most effective when the collective effort is greater than the sum of its parts. But pressure and complexity can make this ideal difficult to live up to. We can help you find your way through such challenges:

Teams that are just about managing, but not flourishing: 

We help you identify and remove blocks in the system – the team or wider organisation – that are causing inefficiencies, low morale, or a lack of clear vision and direction. We support you to set up the best systems and habits to ensure the flow of communication, mutual understanding and unity of purpose.

Teams going through more unsettling periods of change and conflict: when individual and collective needs and working styles have clashed head on, we help you to reverse the tide before too much damage is done. We support you to rebuild trust and mutual goodwill so you can establish healthy communication and working relationships.


In all our work with teams, we provide a distinctive service, drawing on our skill-set in working with groups and individuals. As coaches, we listen deeply to everyone’s needs and values – and find areas of true common purpose. As facilitators, we help people explore difficult issues and express themselves fully. And as mindfulness trainers, we create a reflective space for deeper awareness, clear thinking and communication, and collective understanding.


We’ll consult with you to design the best mix of 1-1 and group processes – ensuring that equal attention is paid both to individual creativity and autonomy, and the purpose and agenda of the whole team and organisation.


“Tim’s ability to connect with both groups and individuals is second to none.”
Joe Baden OBE, Director, Open Book, Goldsmiths
"Tim has a wonderful gravitas and presence. He held the room and the group extremely well, with a nice blend of caring, listening and compassion combined with assertiveness and energy."

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