Group Discussion

Teams & Relationships: Training and Coaching

Effective teamwork and collaboration relies on strong relationships. Yet these can easily become strained when people feel under pressure.

We can help your teams nurture strong relationships and highly effective communication, based on a healthy awareness of each other’s needs, values and motivators. Our simple but highly effective four-step ‘Co-active Communication’ training programme enables teams and their leaders to cultivate highly sophisticated relationship skills:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current coronavirus situation, all our services are currently available in virtual formats on Zoom.

Step 1 – Setting the foundation: creating the best conditions for open and clear communication

Step 2 – Getting clear: streamlining interactions by focusing on the real issues and desired outcomes

Step 3 – Delving deeper: advanced skills in listening, questioning and thoughtful challenge

Step 4 – Facilitating actions: ensuring that every interaction ends with clear next steps and learning

Alongside group training, we provide coaching & facilitation to help teams function as fluidly as possible. We help you identify and remove blocks in the system – the team or wider organisation – that are causing inefficiencies, low morale, or a lack of clear vision and direction. We support you to set up the best systems and habits to ensure the flow of communication, mutual understanding and unity of purpose. And for teams going through unsettling periods of change or conflict, we support you to rebuild trust and mutual goodwill so you can establish healthy communication and working relationships. 


We’ll consult with you to design the best mix of 1-1 and group processes – ensuring that equal attention is paid both to individual creativity and autonomy, and the purpose and agenda of the whole team and organisation.


“Tim’s ability to connect with both groups and individuals is second to none.”
Joe Baden OBE, Director, Open Book, Goldsmiths
"Tim has a wonderful gravitas and presence. He held the room and the group extremely well, with a nice blend of caring, listening and compassion combined with assertiveness and energy."