About us

Image by Toa Heftiba

Rising Minds is a social enterprise, helping people in a wide variety of settings to uncover their natural energy, clarity and resolve to thrive in their lives and work.

There are many coaching and training firms out there. So why choose us? We believe that what makes us stand out is how we combine sensitive understanding about people and their challenges in life and at work, with no-nonsense pragmatism in enabling change. This powerful combination shows up in two key aspects – our approach and our people.


Since 2012 we’ve developed a highly effective, no-nonsense coaching & training approach that’s well tried and tested in helping people in organisations and the community to thrive in their lives and work.

Our people are highly skilled and experienced, whilst rooted in the real world – with a broad range of professional backgrounds. 


We’re also all committed to the core purpose and values of our social enterprise’s mission to bring high quality coaching and training services to people who can’t normally access them.