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Our one-to-one and group coaching & training programmes are distinctive in the integration of practices and theory from a range of approaches, especially mindfulness – the art of skillful awareness. 

We know from our own experience – and have witnessed in dozens of clients – how the mindfulness base of our work is very often the X factor in a successful process of insight and lasting transformation.

Our ABC of Mindfulness Model

When you’re mindful, you’re simply present here and now. This enables you to be more 'intentional' – choosing where you put your attention and energy in life – rather than being caught up 'automatically' by thoughts and emotions about the past and the future.

To teach this essential way of approaching life, we use a simple but powerful ABC model:

Awareness: mindfulness always starts with becoming more aware of what’s going on in and around you. You cultivate this foundational skill of awareness by training your attention to notice physical sensations – your body, your senses and your breath. When you practise this, your mind can naturally settle and slow down, instead of being stuck in ‘autopilot’ mode, where there are endless mental distractions. This prepares you for the next step…

Being with your experience: having allowed your mind to settle, you are better able to really notice and process the two major elements of all experience:

  • Thoughts: Rather than getting sucked in or hooked by thoughts, you can simply watch them coming and going. Paradoxically, when you do that, they start to slow down, and become less solid. You get to see how they are just mental patterns – and often unhelpful ones – rather than absolute truth, which is how we often automatically treat them.

  • Emotions: Emotions are felt in the body as physical sensations. In a mindful state you can allow all of them simply to be there, including unpleasant ones like sadness or anger, without needing to get rid of them or act on them instantly. Like thoughts, if you simply observe them, they can arise and pass away naturally in time.  


Choosing wisely:  Having ‘processed’ your experience, you can enter an ‘intentional’ mental mode, instead of unhelpful autopilot. It’s like dropping down beneath the usual surface level of your mind – to a deeper place of stillness, wellbeing and clarity about yourself and your best interests. Here you can do your most effective thinking and reflecting, and make wise choices. It’s also where you find all your natural positive qualities – like compassion, strength, joy, sensitivity, playfulness – that may have got buried beneath layers of false beliefs and unhelpful habits.

Helping you make it work

To make this whole ABC mindfulness process work, you need a balance of two different approaches:

  • Focus/discipline – it takes some effort and dedication to retrain your brain away from your deeply ingrained autopilot habits

  • Trust and allowing – mindfulness is about simply being more of the time, rather than always doing or thinking. This requires a big element of ‘letting go’ and allowing things to be as they are, without striving or rushing to fix things you don’t like. It also means trusting the truth of the new ‘data’ that you access when you calmly pay attention to yourself.


We’ll help you at every step of the way on this journey. We’ll guide you through well tried-and-tested processes to become more present and centred in yourself. Then, as you delve deeper, we help you understand the meaning of what you discover, in the context of your professional or personal life; and we support you to take the next steps.

And if you can put in some regular practice along the way, the fruits are worth it. Mindfulness has been shown in recent clinical research to lead to:

  • Less stress – mitigating the effects of the damaging ‘fight/flight/freeze response’

  • Clearer mind – increased attention, concentration, and memory

  • Emotional intelligence – clarity and confidence to communicate assertively while kindly

  • Creativity – ability to hold a wider perspective and think ‘outside the box’

  • Effective decision making – the mind sifts through data more intuitively and efficiently​


"Rising Minds clearly have real mastery of resilience training techniques. The training went down very well – there was always a positive buzz among the participants after each session."
Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar Harca Housing Association
"We would have no hesitation in recommending mindfulness training as a tool for enabling staff to thrive in their work, and Rising Minds as the ideal organisation to provide that service."
Ruth Mitchell, Marketing & PR, Moorfield Group

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