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Rising Minds Foundation

The Foundation is overseen by a Committee and bursary schemes are launched when sufficient funds are available.

To apply for a bursary from the Rising Minds Foundation, call 020 3475 2028 to have a chat with us about it.

To make a donation click below or please contact us to find out about how you can help.



“Quaker Social Action currently contract with Rising Minds to deliver a service called This Way Up, which blends coaching and mindfulness to equip people with more confidence in their own ability to plan their own futures, realistically and confidently, minimising stress and maximizing agency. It has been a pleasure to see This Way Up grow from a tentative pilot to a service with a strong sense of purpose and understanding of what works. Rising Minds are flexible, responsive, professional and positive in all of the discussions we have had about the project. Another quality that shines out from their work is the desire to ensure that it has impact – that it genuinely makes a difference to their client’s lives. This is palpable from their conduct and also from the practical steps they have put in place to ensure the project delivers really clear monitoring and evaluation.”
Judith Moran, Director, Quaker Social Action 
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