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Our Purpose & Values

Rising Minds is a social enterprise, helping people in a wide variety of settings to uncover their natural energy, clarity and resolve to thrive in their lives and work.

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Social purpose organisations: to enable leaders and teams in social purpose organisations to thrive at work without the striving or stress that’s often wrongly considered an inevitable part of the job. We believe that our uniquely simple yet profound coaching and training approach makes this possible, as it enables people and groups to really understand themselves, and make wise decisions about where and how to invest their time and energy. 


In the community: to enable low income people facing multiple disadvantage to access life-changing, commercial-quality coaching and training services, so that they can connect with their innate resources for wellbeing, creativity, learning and growth – enabling them to take an active part in the lives of their communities.

Ideally, we love to bring these two groups together into the same cohorts on our programmes, as we believe that the core skills and capacities that we help people cultivate are universally applicable, regardless of context. We also love what happens when we can ‘mix things up’ in this way. People get to learn extraordinary things from each other when traditional barriers are broken down. This is the essence of diversity.

As a social enterprise working, Rising Minds has two key purposes:

Our Values and Principles

We think that what fundamentally motivates and challenges people is the same in any context, and so we apply the same values and principles in all our work – regardless of whether we’re delivering services to leaders and teams in organisations, or to people in the community through our social projects:


  • We treat everyone with dignity, compassion and respect; and believe they are the experts on themselves with the capacity to make their own wise choices.

  • With our blend of coaching and mindfulness we create a space for people to understand and appreciate themselves, to ask themselves the right questions and to come up with authentic responses that promote their personal growth and creativity.

  • We care about real world relevance; making things work in the world as it is and taking our place in the community we live in.

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