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Working from Home

How to Work from Home Effectively: FREE Video Course

In response to the coronavirus situation, we've put together a FREE video course focusing on how to work most effectively from home. 


For many people, having to work from home (WFH) for an extended period may present challenges in how to stay productive, connected and emotionally positive. This video course gives you invaluable resources and motivation to adapt quickly and seamlessly to this new reality. The course is in three parts:

1. Grounding – setting up your best conditions and habits for effective WFH

2. Refining – getting the most from your brain and your working day

3. Deepening – cultivating healthy relationships and nourishing activities

Man Working from Home

The video includes presentations, guided meditations and reflections. It's supported by a course guide which we suggest you download to have to hand while doing the course. You are invited at various points to pause the video and jot down notes in relation to the exercises and reflections. You can do this either in the spaces provided in the course guide or on blank paper.  The course takes 60 minutes to complete including the bits of writing. After the course, the PDF course guide and the audio meditations (see 'ongoing resources' below) can help you refresh your learning as you make the transition to working from home over the coming weeks and months.

Ongoing resources 

A polite request for your consideration…

Please consider making a donation to our Rising Minds Foundation, which allows us to work with people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford professional coaching and training services. The suggested donation is £15, though please feel free to give as little or as much as you wish.

One-to-one Coaching (not free!)

If you want to go explore in further depth, through one-to-one coaching, issues that are covered in this course or anything else it's brought up for you, please contact us. Please note that further one-to-one work will be for agreed fees.

About Rising Minds

If you found this guide and course helpful, then you (or your friends, families, colleagues, or employers) may be interested  in our range of services in leadership development, workplace resilience, and one-to-one coaching. These can now be provided online through Zoom. Wishing all the very best at these challenging times. The team at Rising Minds

About the trainer & coach

Tim Segaller is a coach and mindfulness trainer with 10 years' experience in helping people to deal with major transitions, overcome psychological challenge, and turn crises into opportunities for growth and change. Tim also brings to these webinars, courses and coaching his personal experience in mastering the art of effective WFH over the past decade.


"Tim's gift is to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. I had to work hard, and Tim did not let me off the hook which was exactly the role I asked him to play during our time together. Fabulous coach."
"I was profoundly impressed by Tim‘s approach. He's highly perceptive, asking powerful question that open great insights. Honesty and integrity is the currency he trades with."
Giovanna Pisano, Change Manager at the Environment Agency
"Tim’s relaxed manner made me feel comfortable even talking about upsetting personal issues. He often had a different approach or insight to struggles I was having which helped me to work out strategies to improve things.
Hilary Barkley
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