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Client Testimonials 

Services for organisations

“Rising Minds clearly have real mastery of resilience training techniques. They are highly professional and committed – serious-minded people, flexible and innovative. They understand the public sector context and how organisations work. The training went down very well – there was always a positive buzz among the participants after each session. They found the simple techniques taught very effective in helping them feel calmer and more in control while at work. I have no hesitation in recommending Rising Minds.” Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar Harca Housing Association

“The Rising Minds mindfulness-based resilience training has proved to be very successful in helping a number of the participants to take a more reflective approach.  Course ratings were high, and all participants said they would recommend it to their colleagues. We have been impressed with Rising Minds’ ability to adapt its training methods and materials to the particular nature of our working environment. This was supported by the trainer’s encouragement to participants to find their own ways to introduce mindfulness techniques into their working and everyday life. We would have no hesitation in recommending mindfulness training as a tool for enabling staff to thrive in their work, and Rising Minds as the ideal organisation to provide that service.” Ruth Mitchell, Marketing & PR, Moorfield Group

“I’ve rarely attended a session where I’ve had a clearer demonstration of both the benefits of the mindfulness based resilience approach and the simplicity of its application.” Peter Winnall, Practive 

“The ‘Wisdom at Work’ Leadership Mastery Programme was extremely well received by our senior management team at Servier Bulgaria. It was highly successful in delivering our training objectives – to learn practical ways to deal with stress and distraction, to improve focus and performance, to find a better work/life balance, and to enhance our ability to communicate and build strong relationships with colleagues. There was an excellent balance of theory and practice, and participants also really appreciated the space created for self-reflection and in-depth interaction. I highly recommend Rising Minds’ training programmes to leaders and senior managers.” Antoaneta Nestorova, HR Manager, Servier Bulgaria

​“Rising Minds’ mindfulness-based resilience training proved to be highly effective in helping participants to deal more effectively with the everyday challenges and stresses of working life at a local authority. The feedback – about the trainer’s mastery of the subject, his training style, and sensitivity with participants – was excellent. Rising Minds were very easy and enjoyable to work with: they really got what we were trying to achieve with the training, and were always very responsive to our needs. I’d highly recommend Rising Minds as trainers and coaches, and as an organisation to partner with professionally.” Jules Potter, Head of Organisational Development, Slough Borough Council

“Rising Minds has a good grasp of the scientific basis for mindfulness and is able to handle the rigorous challenges from our staff. The training is taking effect and is starting to make a difference to a number of staff members. The course has been manageable for our busy professionals and has allowed them to take bite size chunks of the technique of mindfulness and practice this on a regularly basis without demanding an off putting commitment. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rising Minds as trainers of the mindfulness approach to life.” Chief Executive of a London Corporate Law Firm


Social projects

“Quaker Social Action currently contract with Rising Minds to deliver a service called This Way Up, which blends coaching and mindfulness to equip people with more confidence in their own ability to plan their own futures, realistically and confidently, minimising stress and maximizing agency. It has been a pleasure to see This Way Up grow from a tentative pilot to a service with a strong sense of purpose and understanding of what works. Both Tim and Michele have been flexible, responsive, professional and positive in all of the discussions we have had about the project. Another quality that shines out from their work is the desire to ensure that it has impact – that it genuinely makes a difference to their client’s lives. This is palpable from their conduct and also from the practical steps they have put in place to ensure the project delivers really clear monitoring and evaluation.” Judith Moran, Director, Quaker Social Action 

“Our twelve week group mindfulness and 1:1 life coaching course with Rising Minds has been a huge success and we have received extremely positive feedback from participants. Tim and Michele have been flexible, supportive and professional at all times. I would definitely recommend them to other organisations.” Sally Evatt, Community Programme Manager, South Kilburn Trust


"Tim's gift is to mesh tremendous intuition and sensitivity with some really helpful structure. I had to work hard, and Tim did not let me off the hook which was exactly the role I asked him to play during our time together. Fabulous coach." Richard


“I was profoundly impressed by Tim‘s approach. He's highly perceptive, asking powerful question that open great insights. Honesty and integrity is the currency he trades with.” Giovanna Pisano, Change Manager at the Environment Agency


“Tim’s relaxed manner made me feel comfortable even talking about upsetting personal issues. He often had a different approach or insight to struggles I was having which helped me to work out strategies to improve things.” Hilary Barkley


“Tim has an impeccable ability, particularly in one to one sessions, to reflect back what's being discussed, completely unbiasedly enabling me to feel supported in finding my own solutions to the problems I present with. It's so empowering to have the space and opportunity to reflect and find resolution in this way.” Bianca Palmieri


“Tim skillfully balances creating a warm and positive coaching relationship with cutting to the chase to push your thinking forward. He is sensitive, positive, and constructive. He listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve through coaching and learning about mindfulness and did a great job of tailoring what we did to what I'd asked for.” Anon

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