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'Adapting to New Normals'
Programme for Organisations

In our post-Covid reality, these are challenging times for organisations and the workplace – with ongoing upheaval and uncertainty.

Our ‘Adapting to New Normals’ programme helps organisations – and their leaders and teams – to adapt to fast-changing working conditions and challenges, particularly the huge increase in remote working. It’s about embedding deeply individual and collective resilience and flexibility to weather the storms ahead.

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We can help you meet your organisation's critical duty of care to support your workforce, as the ongoing effects of Covid continue to take their toll on mental health and wellbeing. For some organisations this may also include supporting people that they are having to make redundant.  There are already signs that the employers who take most seriously these ethical responsibilities will come through our current challenges in the best shape.


The programme draws on our well-established range of workplace services in coaching, consultancy, leadership development, and mindfulness-based resilience training. We’ll partner with you to design a bespoke package of support that ensures a strong level of collaboration between all stakeholders (management and staff teams) in forming the most effective post-Covid working environment and culture. Programme elements can include:

Organisational Consultancy: as working conditions continually change over the coming months, we can help you think through how best to adapt your working practices, processes, structures and policies to best fit your organisation and your people’s needs.


Leadership/Management Coaching & Consultancy: quickly adapting to new norms calls for strong, wise and bold leadership and management. We can help your senior people best access their intrinsic resources and resilience to lead the way most effectively.

Workplace Resilience Training: our mindfulness-based resilience programmes can help staff at all levels best manage their mental health to get through challenging times – so they can handle stress; adapt quickly to rapid change; manage workloads and energy; maintain focus and concentration; make good decisions under pressure; and prioritise competing demands.


Mental health Coaching and Support (1-1 or group): your organisation can demonstrate its ethical commitment to the mental health and broader development of your people by offering focused support for those currently experiencing high levels of emotional challenge, as well as broader coaching on a range of issues like career development, creativity at work, etc.


Communications and Relationship Training: our simple yet effective programme helps teams nurture strong relationships and highly effective communication, based on a healthy awareness of each other’s needs, values and motivators. This is going to be all the more important with the huge increase in remote working, which presents both opportunities for greater flexibility but also challenges for teams in staying well connected.


"The Rising Minds training was a life-changing experience for me. Tim is an extraordinary person and trainer."
Maria Drumeva, Marketing Manager, Servier Bulgaria
"I’d highly recommend Rising Minds as trainers and coaches, and as an organisation to partner with professionally."
Jules Potter, Head of Organisational Development, Slough Borough Council
"I’ve rarely attended a session where I’ve had a clearer demonstration of both the benefits of the mindfulness based resilience approach and the simplicity of its application."
Peter Winnall, Practive
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