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FREE Guide to Resilience for Life and Work

Life and work can be wonderfully rich and rewarding. But they can also bring tough challenges.

And when things get tough, sometimes you may feel like you’re not equal to the challenges. And often automatic reactions – to find a quick fix, to work harder, or to ignore problems – can make things worse. Left unchecked, this tendency can lead to stress, exhaustion and burnout. 


The antidote lies in developing a balanced, sustainable approach to your life and work. It’s about harnessing your natural energy and wisdom to deal with tough challenges effectively. That’s exactly what our FREE 'Practical Guide to Resilience for Life and Work' can help you do.

From striving to thriving - ABC guide to

The 8-page guide sets out three related approaches – with accompanying practical exercises – to cultivate greater resilience in your life and work:

1. Resilience through mindfulness

2. Resilience through harnessing values and strengths

3. Resilience through healthy relationships

Guided meditation

This short guided mindfulness meditation accompanies the reflective writing exercise in section 1 of the free guide.

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