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This Way Up

This Way Up is a 6 week programme of professional life coaching and stress-reduction techniques to help low-income people struggling with difficult circumstances or past experiences. It’s funded by the anti-poverty charity, Quaker Social Action

The programme consists of three sessions of one-to-one life coaching and a six-session group mindfulness training course. It’s designed to help people to:

  • find their own resources to take charge of their lives

  • feel confident and well in themselves, so that they can handle stress easily

  • plan and make decisions better, so that they can take positive steps towards their goals – like getting into work, training or education; taking up new activities, or making new friendships.

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Since June 2012 to date there have been 18 tranches of the programme, working with 291 people. The programme has a strong track record of helping people make major changes in their lives, and dramatically improve their wellbeing. There is an average increase of 68% on the World Health Organisation’s wellbeing index for participants who take part in the programme (8.8 out of 25 at the start of the programme, 14.8 out of 25 at the end).


The programme takes place in east London. To find out more and apply for a place click here.


"I can’t believe the difference this programme has made to my life, my thinking and understanding of myself and life

…and all in six weeks!"

"This programme has marshalled my thoughts, increased my confidence and re-ignited my motivation."

"This programme helped me to focus on future goals and helped me to look at what’s going on now and how I can think about feeling better about my circumstances."

"I learnt that I can be calm, focused and happier; that I can overcome my problems by realising myself.

I now understand myself better.”

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