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This Way Next

 The programme's four iterations have been funded by London Catalyst and the Big Lottery Local.


It is designed to enable two things for participants:


1) Build on the momentum of your initial training with Rising Minds to take charge of their own life, and in taking steps towards their goals in any area of life (work, training or education; taking up new activities in the community, or making new friendships, etc.)


2) Teach a range of advanced skills in co-active coaching and group facilitation to facilitate positive change in others – both in one-to-one situations and in groups.

The programme consists of group training (three half day workshops), one-to-one life coaching (three sessions), plus facilitating small groups during the six session mindfulness course of This Way Up.


We are currently seeking funding for a next tranche of This Way Up. For more information and to apply for a place, contact us


“I can see these skills clearly supporting my ongoing recovery. The ability to focus less on my own problems and situations is a huge relief – whilst also offering the opportunity to empathise with other people and their own situations.”

“I don’t have to be the expert….while my knowledge and my skills are beneficial to supporting my clients, they are the one that takes the lead in their personal development and I was able to learn and develop this skill through the programme”

"This programme helped me to become comfortable in group settings and not feel intimidated or shy away from interacting with more than one person at a time."

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