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H.O.P.E. Project

Through tailored 1-1 cognitive behavioural coaching with an experienced criminal justice coach, participants will learn strategies to

  • manage their emotions, resulting in resilience when dealing with challenges in life;

  • realise their strengths, resulting in confidence in their own abilities; and

  • rebuild their self-esteem, resulting in belief in a better future for themselves and their families.

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This project is devised and delivered by Melanie Sheehan, a Rising Minds Associate Coach.


"Melanie is a very personable, professional, coach. I met Melanie at the point of my life that I had multiple issues going on but she was able to coach me effectively to bring out the best in me and restore my confidence in my career. She has the ability to manage and build exceptional client relationship that ultimately leads to outstanding results. Melanie has great listening skill and she understands what makes me tick quickly. If you are looking for a coach, I will recommend you engage the services of Melanie"  Ade 

"I was feeling ‘stuck’ after ( hopefully) the worst of the pandemic wondering how to get my life going again. I expected Melanie would be helping me with the ‘what next’ but instead she enabled me to see that I was actually in a very negative mindset- even though up until then I thought I had come through the pandemic relatively ‘unscathed ‘. Once I was made aware of this I was able to focus on getting back to my usually much more positive outlook and I feel now the rest will follow. I would therefore definitely recommend Melanie"  Jill 


"Melanie has been supporting me since the start of 2021 and I honestly don't know how I could have continued through the myriad of life's complications at that time, without her. Since then we have worked together on building and growing a sustainable toolkit of coping mechanisms. Her open, engaging and positive communication style has greatly helped me to realise much of already what is within and I look forward to continuing this journey of transition with her. Highly recommended for anyone who is serious about making positive changes, both from an internal mindset and external goal setting perspective"  Mona

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