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Melanie Sheehan

Associate Coach

Melanie Sheehan is a professionally trained personal development coach who specialises in working with women, particularly those who have experienced trauma and multiple disadvantage.  She holds an MA in Psychosocial Studies, a BSc in Criminal Justice, an accreditation with the Association for Coaching and is a qualified Mental Health First Aider. 


Melanie started her career in the private sector, but wanted to make a real difference to people’s lives, so signed up to work as a Volunteer Prison Visitor – this quickly led to a 12-year career in the Probation Service followed by work in charities developing services to support women involved in the criminal justice system.  This spoke more to her values of Integrity, Authenticity, Compassion and Social Justice, which she also brings to all her coaching. 


Melanie uses a Dual Systems Approach to look at both the psychological and practical aspects of life, and mainly focusses on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to explore how thoughts, feelings and actions/behaviour are connected alongside elements of Acceptance and Commitment coaching, resilience coaching and positive psychology.  


Melanie’s clients particularly value her insightful, encouraging and flexible approach, combined with her innate ability to inspire confidence and hope for the future in women facing the most difficult of life’s challenges.  More information at 

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