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CPD  for Coaches

Our co-founder Tim Segaller provides services - outside of Rising Minds - for coaches to develop greater confidence and fluidity in their client work, for CPD and for professional credentialing requirements. 

Tim Segaller runs this programmes teaching powerful ‘mindfulness’ skills and techniques to take your professional coaching practice to deeper levels of mastery, clarity and confidence; and to significantly enhance your personal wellbeing and resilience. The programme provides 22 ICF CCE units (19 core competency and 3 resource development). Programmes consist of six live weekly Zoom sessions of 2 hours, plus 2 hours of home practice in between each session. Programmes are available throughout the year. More information and bookings here.

‘Be Here Now’: ONLINE Mindfulness in Coaching Programme



"Tim's expertise and how he seemed to live and breathe his teaching made a profound impact on me."
"A great course – well worth it. Should be a mandatory part of coach training."
"Tim has a wonderful gravitas and presence. He held the group extremely well, with a blend of listening and compassion combined with assertiveness and energy."
"Excellent, thought-provoking, nicely paced"
"I will definitely be introducing mindfulness to my clients"
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