Our People

Our People

Rising Minds was founded in 2013 by Tim Segaller and Michele Grant.


Our people are highly skilled coaches and trainers. We’re rooted in the real world – with a broad range of backgrounds. And when it comes to transformation, we know what we’re talking about, having each been on a journey of deep self-exploration and change.


Tim Segaller

Co-founder and Director

As a coach and trainer, Tim Segaller loves helping people to understand who they really are – their true values and strengths – and then, based on these discoveries, to make fulfilling changes in their personal or professional lives. He felt called to this work having been through a long process of personal development as a result of his own earlier struggles to feel good about himself and find meaning and direction in life. Click here for more on this backstory.


Tim’s distinctive coaching and training style combines calm, sensitive understanding with supportive challenge. Recognising that the work of personal and professional development can easily become rather heavy and serious, he uses lots of humour to lighten things up. His clients appreciate how he helps them to cut quickly through to the real truths about themselves – and their lives and work – so they can make the changes they need. 


Before working as a coach and trainer, Tim’s background was in communications and project management in the private and third sectors. Outside working life, Tim loves varied creative pursuits: most recently, stand-up comedy, and he’s currently experimenting in bringing together these two worlds of personal development and comedy (watch this space!). At various times he has also enjoyed writing, drawing & painting, music, and film-making. In 2018 he held an exhibition of a multimedia project celebrating some of his closest friends. 



  • Professional Certified Coach (Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching)

  • Qualified Mindfulness Trainer (and a pioneer in the integration of coaching and mindfulness techniques)

  • Author of ‘The ABC Guide to Mindfulness’

  • First Class degree in Classics from Oxford University


Michele Grant

Co-founder and Lead Associate

Michele Grant is a Professional Certified Coach and Coach Supervisor who combines her coaching practice with a number of psychological approaches to wellbeing. These include Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). When working with organisations she draws on a wealth of experience from more than 25 years in senior roles in the public sector – first in local government and then in BBC News.  She has managed large-scale projects and brought teams together across different disciplines.  She has a keen sense of how people are impacted by highly pressured working environments. Michele is also a professional mediator and a trustee of Relate.  Alongside her work with Rising Minds she provides a range of coaching and training services to private clients and organisations including specialist training in compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. For more information go to michelegrant.co.uk

becky headshot 2019.JPG

Becky Seale

Associate Coach and Trainer

Becky Seale is a professionally trained coach, leadership development consultant and researcher, with expertise in using collaboration to unleash hidden resources. She holds a Diploma in Professional Coaching Skills, is a member of the International Coaching Federation, and is a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner. As a coach, Becky brings a strong partnership ethos, designing sessions with her clients according to what already works for them, is live in the moment and will support change to happen in their work and lives. She offers psychological models including mindfulness, transactional analysis and embodiment practice to this end. Becky’s clients particularly value her presence, belief and humanity which create a space of trust in which anything can become possible. Becky draws on experience from 15 years working in and with the public sector – in research consultancy, at The King’s Fund, Bromley by Bow Centre and Public Health England. She has First-Class Honours in English Literature and French from The University of Manchester, is a Fellow of the RSA and a trained yoga practitioner.

Michael Johnson.jpg

Michael F Johnson

Associate Coach and Trainer

Michael F Johnson is a coach and trainer with over 20 years experience of working with a variety of organisations within the private, public and voluntary sectors. Having worked with media companies, the financial sector, and local authorities through to housing associations he has garnered knowledge of the spectrum of organisational cultures but also a solid sense of the universal needs of the individuals that make up these organisations.


His adaptable and probing approach to training and coaching follows on from his academic background in clinical psychology (BA, University of California, Berkeley). His methodology has been keenly effective when working with various levels of individuals from senior management to those in more junior positions.  Michael’s approachability, empathy and ability to quickly establish a bond with individuals have proven to be useful qualities particularly in his coaching.  His ability to switch between a non-directive mode of training and coaching to a more directive intervention has proven to be an asset in providing a meaningful client-centred experience that benefits the organisation and individual alike.


One of the things that brings Michael joy is travelling. From childhood, moving and exploring other places and cultures has always fascinated him.  He feels that these experiences have helped him to grow, to be curious and to have an openness to difference.


Magda Voigt

Associate Coach

Magda Voigt is a Certified Solution-Focused, Results-Oriented™ and Neuroscience-Based Coach, specialising in translating insights from the fields of neuroscience and emotional intelligence into powerful and actionable change strategies.


With a substantial academic background and years of creative & strategic experience in global media & digital industry (Film, TV & PR companies, BBC, MTV, AOL, Symbian Foundation, Nokia, Microsoft, Sharp, O2, Vodafone, Telefonica, Quarto, Roche) she understands challenges that people, teams and organisations are facing, particularly in today’s ever-changing environment.


As a professional but also long-term yoga and mindfulness practitioner, she knows how powerful it is to challenge and change our minds and bodies. Her answer to the question ”Who are you?” is “Not the same person I was yesterday.” For more information please go to www.magdavoigt.com

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