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Michael F Johnson

Associate Coach and Trainer

Michael F Johnson is a coach and trainer with over 20 years experience of working with a variety of organisations within the private, public and voluntary sectors. Having worked with media companies, the financial sector, and local authorities through to housing associations he has garnered knowledge of the spectrum of organisational cultures but also a solid sense of the universal needs of the individuals that make up these organisations.


His adaptable and probing approach to training and coaching follows on from his academic background in clinical psychology (BA, University of California, Berkeley). His methodology has been keenly effective when working with various levels of individuals from senior management to those in more junior positions.  Michael’s approachability, empathy and ability to quickly establish a bond with individuals have proven to be useful qualities particularly in his coaching.  His ability to switch between a non-directive mode of training and coaching to a more directive intervention has proven to be an asset in providing a meaningful client-centred experience that benefits the organisation and individual alike.


One of the things that brings Michael joy is travelling. From childhood, moving and exploring other places and cultures has always fascinated him.  He feels that these experiences have helped him to grow, to be curious and to have an openness to difference.

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