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Juliet Ellis

Non-Executive Director

Juliet Ellis started her career in the fashion industry as a brand manager for a German fashion company but made the switch to the voluntary sector quite early on, and since then has raised millions of pounds for UK charities.

At Mencap – where she was promoted five times – she made the charity the leading proponent of sponsored overseas events, and as a consultant she has helped charities of all sizes grow income and profile, principally through mass participation, challenge event and corporate fundraising.

Juliet’s consultancy – Catalyst Fundraising – achieves growth by offering charities a mix of both strategic and operational support, and a cornerstone of that support has been to mentor individual fundraisers and upskill teams.

In addition, she is Chair of the London and South East region of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, which aspires to help professional fundraisers achieve excellence by providing a range of training, mentoring and networking initiatives.

Juliet is easy to work with, and her clients value both her ability to get to the root of any issues, and her pragmatic, insightful approach to resolving them.

Juliet says “I was blown away when I discovered the work that Rising Minds does. I am thrilled to be part of an organisation that makes opportunities for growth accessible to people for whom they might normally be out of reach.”

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