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Tim Segaller

Co-founder and Director

As a coach and trainer, Tim Segaller loves helping people to understand who they really are – their true values and strengths – and then, based on these discoveries, to make fulfilling changes in their personal or professional lives. He felt called to this work having been through a long process of personal development as a result of his own earlier struggles to feel good about himself and find meaning and direction in life. Click here for more on this backstory.


Tim’s distinctive coaching and training style combines calm, sensitive understanding with supportive challenge. Recognising that the work of personal and professional development can easily become rather heavy and serious, he uses lots of humour to lighten things up. His clients appreciate how he helps them to cut quickly through to the real truths about themselves – and their lives and work – so they can make the changes they need. 


Before working as a coach and trainer, Tim’s background was in communications and project management in the private and third sectors. Outside working life, Tim loves varied creative pursuits: most recently, stand-up comedy, and he’s currently experimenting in bringing together these two worlds of personal development and comedy (watch this space!). At various times he has also enjoyed writing, drawing & painting, music, and film-making. In 2018 he held an exhibition of a multimedia project celebrating some of his closest friends. 



  • Professional Certified Coach (Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching)

  • Qualified Mindfulness Trainer (and a pioneer in the integration of coaching and mindfulness techniques)

  • Author of ‘The ABC Guide to Mindfulness’

  • First Class degree in Classics from Oxford University

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