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Tim Segaller's personal story


Alongside my formal training in the field, my coaching & training services have been heavily influenced by my own life experiences. I had a relatively privileged upbringing – in a middle class, loving family, with a good private education. But from my teens onwards I struggled emotionally, for a number of complicated reasons. I learnt to ignore or suppress difficult feelings – or to hold ‘secret’ beliefs about myself that made some kind of sense of things, but which added an extra layer of shame and self-doubt.

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At university and in my twenties I self-medicated through alcohol and drugs. This kind of worked for a while, but eventually the demons wouldn’t be quelled any longer, and I reached breaking point (in several stages!). I got help from a marvellous therapist, who also encouraged me towards meditation and mindfulness as a vital support for wellbeing.

And so began the journey of growth and true self-discovery. I am now in many ways a very different man from a decade ago. I’ve learnt that it really is possible to change: to overcome deep feelings of inadequacy, and to step up to new challenges. And as I went deeper into this process, I felt I had something very useful to offer others. So I gave up my previous career in communications and trained as a coach and mindfulness teacher. Since then I’d like to think that my particular life experiences have enabled me to help people in many walks of life to unlock their deepest natural resources of resilience, confidence and wisdom. I believe this is possible for everyone when two vital conditions are there: awareness and compassion. It’s my job to help create these conditions for you.

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