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'The Inside Track' Home Page
Programme materials and resources 

Welcome to the Inside Track


Everyone has got what it takes to thrive in life and at work. But your true potential can be limited by how you think about yourself and relate to the world around you. This programme is designed to connect you with your natural energy, courage and inspiration to unleash your potential in life or at work. 

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That could lead to you getting into education, training or employment; or advancing or changing you career. It could be about improving your relationships. Or it might be about getting more involved in the life of your community. Or whatever is right for you. That's up to you!

How to use the programme resources

This webpage has the full guide for all six sessions of 'The Inside Track' programme.  Below are links to the material for each of the six sessions. These provide a summary of the material covered in the live sessions, along with details of the suggested ‘home practice’ in between the live sessions. This includes the guided meditations (for download or streaming - see below). 


You will also be invited to do some written reflections. Some of these will be during the live sessions, and some as part of your ‘home practice’.  We recommend that you use the ‘Workbook’ for this. You can download this below to print off yourself. If you don't have access to a printer, you can also do the written exercises on plain paper, following the suggested formats.

Session by session summaries

Click on the links below for summaries of each of the main sessions. Don't read ahead, however tempting that may be!

PART ONE: Master your mind cultivate inner leadership through the ABC of mindfulness



PART TWO: From insights to accomplishment  develop action plans rooted in understanding of yourself and others

Full list of guided meditations for download or streaming

Workbook for downloading and printing

Inside Track workbook cover.png

Mindful movement video

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